CAPI survey network

Our experienced interviewers are distributed throughout Slovakia, in large cities as well as smaller villages, and simultaneously we work constantly to recruit new interviewers to make the network distribution as even as possible.
Interviewers are regularly trained in survey methodologies, they can communicate perfectly with respondents and are able to convey to them the idea with regard to why their opinion is so important. Most interviewers have been involved in this activity for many years and are passionate about their work, which is definitely one of their strengths. The survey network's quality and professionalism are paramount for us.

Through face-to-face data collection, we implement various types of projects, with regard to simpler quota selections, random walks as well as more demanding address selections, and we use Nfield CAPI tablets and software for data collection. For each project type, we carry out a check of at least 30% of the questionnaires, and we use recordings of part of the interviews as control mechanisms, the respondent's telephone contact, and also the control of GPS coordinates in the case of address selections.

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