Basic information on panels

During the registration process, panelists fill out a profile questionnaire with more than 70 questions. Overall, we have more than 1,000 pieces of screening information about the panelists. These data allow us to reach virtually every target group requested by clients and to estimate the feasibility of the project very well. The panel of the MNFORCE survey agency has 49 000 active registered members from the Slovak Republic.


  Personal Characteristics & Household
  Used media (print, tv, radio...)
  Shopping behavior
  Technology & Electronics

  Banks & Financial Services
  Mental health

2.Quality of the panel

The client’s satisfaction, whether with the quality of the data or the overall process of implementing the project, is very important for us. That is why we have established measures that maintain the quality of our panel at a high-level.

- professional panelist recruitment (online, CATI, F2F)
- verification procedures for the uniqueness of the panelist’s identity during the registration process
- automatic removal of duplicate, erroneous or unavailable email addresses
- verifying the identity of the respondent’s identity by phone number, bank account number, emailaddress, surname and home address
- rewarding respondents through financial remuneration and prizes in high-value competitions
- using your own professional panel management software and software for email distribution
- high distribution capacity of email with survey invitations



Size of home community



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