Data collection on panels

We have been offering market research solutions on online panels characterized by excellent quality, deep profiling and a high level of response from panelists.
During the registration process, panelists fill out a profile questionnaire with more than 70 questions. Overall, we have more than 1,000 pieces of screening information about the panelists.

These data allow us to reach virtually every target group requested by clients and to estimate the feasibility of the project very well. The panels of the MNFORCE Research Agency have 49,000 registered members from Slovakia, 56,000 registered members from the Czech Republic, 38,000 registered members from Poland and 27,000 registered members from Austria. The client’s satisfaction, whether with the quality of the data or the overall process of implementing the project, is very important for us. That is why we have established measures that maintain the quality of our panel at a high-level. As a member of ESOMAR, we have built and managed panels in accordance with strict ESOMAR quality standards.

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